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The land of Down Under has so much to offer. It has red deserts, white beaches, green forests, cosmopolitan cities and a wonderful lifestyle. Our outback is famous, so is our Bondi Beach, our Sydney's Opera house and our kangaroos. We are truly proud of it and would love to share it with you. Australia has a scale of activities to offer. Apart of the warm welcome, what to think of our Aboriginal culture, our bush and beach activities, our cultural events or our great and well known sport events? Rugby, tennis, cricket, The Grand Prix, you have to come to the right country if you like sports.

Further down the page: Read about our company * Travel facts Australia. There is also a map of our country and our latest Australia news.

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Australia is very big, that's why we have five offices across Australia with experienced, professional and dedicated staff. This ensures that your events, incentives, conferences or meetings are not only creative and wonderful, but also run like clockwork.

We can also help you in New Zealand and The South Pacific. At Arinex DMC, we would be delighted to help you with more information or quotations.

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Currency Australian dollar
Language English
Local time GMT (London) + 10.00hours
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